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Carrymate® Ripgrip™ XL

Sturdy self-adjusting handtool for the removal of flooring and roofing remnants. Ideal for handling awkward objects and stretching synthetic materials.

The grip avoids injuries to hand and fingers and enables great strength without increasing forces.

The new XL version makes it easier to get a good grip on the material.

The Carrymate Ripgrip XL is easy to use. Just tear a part of a carpet manually and place this part in between the selfadjusting clamps. By pulling the Ripgrip the material sticks firmly between the clamps and the carpet can be pulled out hassle-free.


Carrymate® Ripgrip XL

  • New XL Version
  • Selfadjusting Clamp System
  • Sturdy Aluminum Construction
  • Avoids injuires to hand and fingers



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