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Carrymate® Portman™ XL & XXL

Prevent Back Injury, Avoid Accidents and Improve Productivity!

CARRYMATE® Portman XL: Door, panel and board swivel lifter (lifts up to 250 lbs.), with integrated tilt compensating lever. Lifts, swivels and lowers.

Ideal for the installation of doors, including fire doors, windows, furniture, Dry Wall and partitions. The perfect tool for Joiners, Glaziers, Painters, Paper-hangers, Locksmiths, Households, etc.

Its integrated tilt compensating lever anables the load to stay in a 90 degrees angle and avoids falling towards you.


Carrymate® Portman™ XL

  • Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Lifts up to 250 lbs. (120 kg)
  • Lifts, swivels and lowers
  • "Foot-Control"
  • Integrated tilt compensating lever

Portman™ XL Portman™ XXL


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